We are very lucky to be able to offer a massage by Jo.

Jo has had over 20 years experience in health and fitness. Her studies started out with an Honours Degree in Creative Arts and a Post-graduate in Teaching. She became involved in the 'Fitness Industry' due to her love of sports, being a keen multi-sporter and triathlete. Over the years she has taken a number of diplomas and certificates such as Sports Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation (Dip.Honours), Mind/Body Awareness Teacher (incorporating Pilates & Yoga. Thai Yoga Massage (Certified) as well as on going courses in various modalities.

Her job as the Americas' Cup Team Trainer and Therapist took her to New Zealand and the US. After two Americas Cups she based herself in Auckland, New Zealand, where she ran her own Personal Training Studio. Here she focused on a more holistic approach to training, encouraging clients to focus on more mind to body awareness and balance in their training and life styles in general ( i.e. diet and stress relief). Her clients ranged from athletes to people recovering from illnesses to those wanting training and massage for posture, general health and well being.

For the latter year before returning to the UK, Jo worked as a Pilates Teacher and a Trainer to the Sanctuary Drug and Rehabilitation Retreat in Byron Bay ,NSW.

Jo is now based in East Sussex where she is pursuing her other passion, Stone Sculpting ( See Right), but she still offers massage appointments at 'Woodside', an Exclusive Bed and Breakfast in Staplecross, East Sussex.



Bill Trenkle. Director of the Americas Cup Team 'Stars and Stripes'.

"If we do another campaign we would love to have you back again. You really stepped up to the challenge of covering so may of the fitness, physical therapy and nutrition parts of the program. I really enjoy working with you because you are so capable, professional and fun to be around."


Jane Oliver - Personal Client. NZ

"You saved me from a Chrohn's disaster and steroids...you have been my rock. The words 'thank you' are not enough."


John B.Bell - A Sponsor of the 'Stars and Stripes'. US

Ra Ansem - Holistic Therapist. London

"Jo's massages are truly the most wonderfully therapeutic and blissful I have ever had the pleasure to receive.  As a physiotherapist/healer myself I have received many treatments from masseuses and without a doubt hold Jo in the highest regard."

 Jo Offers a body massage for only £55.00 for 70 minutes. Please contact Amanda at Woodside to arrange a massage during your stay.
Telephone: +44 (0)1580 830240 - Mobile: +44 (0)7768 095184 - Email: reservations@woodsidebandb.com
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